Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rocket Day: Having a Blast with Math, Science, and Reading

Pin It Now! Wow! This looked like it was a blast...literally. A fellow 5th grade teacher at my school held the first annual Rocket Days in which students applied math, science, and reading skills to send off a rocket and keep it within 150 feet after the launch. Students studied the physics of rocketry, rocketry safety, and related math. Using a rocketry packet she created, she asked students to calculate wind speed, direction, and the angle of the rocket launching point. Every student shot off his or her own rocket and rotated as a participant in a launch, recovery, altitude tracking, rocket safety and refueling, and photo journalism team. Technology and engaging students is something that is very important to her, so I think this idea was a fantastic way to show students how learning is useful and fun! Click on the photo to see the news story! (Sorry, I tried to resize the video so I could embed it in the blog, but it couldn't be done.)


  1. Hi Kristen~ Always happy to find another fifth grade teacher blogger to follow! Happy Sunday...I'll be back soon to get to know you a bit better. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Hi, Brandee! Thanks for checking out my blog. Ditto on linking up with a fellow fifth grade teacher. :) Kristen


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