Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lovin' Bloglovin'!

Pin It Now! I just joined Bloglovin now that Google Reader has gone away. Having been on it for a few days, I really like the format. I can read just enough of the newest blog posts from the blogs I follow to give me an idea of what they're all about. It's a very clean look, too.

Another thing I like is that it allows me "transfer" all the blogs I followed via Google Reader with just a click. Very simple to use. In fact, here's a link to an article about what you need to know about the transition from Google Reader to BlogLovin for you to read. I got it from the BlogLovin site.

If you are looking to inspire students in your classroom with creative, challenging, and practical learning opportunities,  find me on Bloglovin (look for Aspire to Inspire in Teaching and Learning)! I've also added a "follow" button on the left side of my blog to stay in touch with my blog. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Better yet, in addition to following Aspire to Inspire, build up your elementary classroom ideas and tips list by "Goin' on a Blog Hunt" over at Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections. Click on the button below to find more blogs!


  1. I am one of your newest followers...I would love for you to follow me as well...

    Thanks -

  2. Hi, Melissa--Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I'm on my over to visit yours.



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