Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rev Up Your Shopping Carts: It's the TpT Back-to-School Sale!

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Is there anyone else like me who can find a reason to shop-til-you-drop for just about any event? Back-to-School is always a fun one. I always enjoy it because it's so "fresh." New school supplies, new clothes, new shoes. My favorite B2S shopping is for school supplies. Hey, even if I don't have anything in particular to use them for, I can't pass up penny notebooks, nickel loose-leaf paper, and quarter crayons, and the shelving unit in my garage will vouch for that!

Speaking of fabulous deals, the huge site-wide Teachers Pay Teachers sale starts at midnight and runs through Monday (8/18-8/19). Using the code BTS13, you can get up to 28% off items throughout the site.

I'm joining the fun. Shop Aspire to Inspire at TpT and get 28% off my entire inventory of products!

I've got more than 80 language arts, social studies, classroom management, and seasonal products in my store. You can find a little bit of everything: PowerPoints, activities, printables, review games, projects, quizzes, and more.

My best-sellers lately are my First Days' Back-to-School Bonanza Bundles, which I've made for grades 3-6.

These bundles include the following activities:

I invite you to stop by in the next few days to check out my store as well as the stores of many very talented educators at TpT. You'll find some pretty amazing products and great deals, too.

What product or activity--TpT or non-TpT--would you really like to have for your classroom this year? Leave a comment!

Wishing you a fantastic start to your new school year!

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