Monday, November 16, 2015

And the Thanksgiving Password Is...FREEBIE!

Pin It Now! Do you remember the game show "Password"?

I have to admit that I'm too young for the original black & white version. I grew up on the Bert Convy version of "Super Password" in the 1980s and the board game with the little blue plastic folders with the red screens that magically decoded the passwords that couldn't be detected by the naked eye. 

Game shows are so much fun to use as inspiration for classroom activities. In that spirit, I created a FREEBIE Thanksgiving version of Password, which is based on sensory words. No magic decoder folders, but still pretty entertaining! 

In Pick the Password, students choose a Thanksgiving-themed password, then complete a list of descriptive sensory "clues" about the password. Students then say the clues to a partner or small group, and the partner or small group guesses the password. I've provided a list of password suggestions and the password clue lists so all you need to do is print and use!

You might even think about having students do a writing extension activity with the password clue lists that they create.

If you don't have free Teachers Pay Teachers account, #1. Get one! You'll find tons of quality FREE and paid resources there; #2. You can still get this Thanksgiving freebie here

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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