Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Friendship Resources and Activities Link-Up

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It's been a while since I've done a link-up, and variety is the spice of blog life, right?

This week (May 15-21) is New Friends, Old Friends Week, which is a time to celebrate and make time for new friends and old friends. Friends are such an important part of the lives of our students. We need to encourage them to be good friends by showing them how to connect with one another in encouraging, trustworthy, and fun-loving ways. 

This week's blog post is a link-up of FREE classroom resources that you can use to promote friendship in the intermediate classroom. If you have one, share it here. If you're searching for one, find it here. Can't wait to see what creative activities are out there! Leave a comment about how you plan to use them.

The resource I'm sharing is a sample from Today I Will...Daily Character Building Task Cards. The prompts on these cards encourage students to practice character traits of good friends: selflessness, compassion, kindness, and more. Many friendship resources are geared toward primary students, and I've designed these cards for upper elementary/intermediate students so they require a little more intention and thinking by students.

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