Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vote on Google Doodles!

Pin It Now! I Google things...A LOT. Today I noticed a little link below the search bar to vote on "Google Doodles." There's a competition for students in which they "doodle for Google," creating their takes on the famous "Google" logo. According to the Web site, "Doodle 4 Google is an annual program that invites K-12 students in the United States to use their artistic talents to think big and redesign our homepage logo for millions to see." This year, the theme is "My Best Day Ever...." The winner gets their artwork on the Google homepage, plus a $30,000 scholarship, and a $50,000 technology grant for their school. WOW! What a prize!

Definitely take a second to click on the Google Doodle link if you go to Google. It goes on for the next 8 days. There are some very cool designs to vote on, and you can vote in several different grade bands. There's a link here for more information about holding a "Doodle" session in your classroom. Pretty neat!

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