Friday, September 20, 2013

September Facebook FREEBIE Frenzy!

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Another Facebook Frenzy is up and running through September 23! This month's theme is "fall" and/or "apples." There are three different fan page hops going on this time: K-1, 2-3, and 4-5. 

To get your freebies, you must "like" the fan page. The freebie link will be made available after you "like" the page. Then, you click on the basket of apples at the bottom of the image, and you're on to the next stop. Pretty simple. You can start anywhere in the hop and still make a full circle, visiting all fan pages in the Frenzy. If you get lost, or a link isn't working, use this set of maps to get to your next destination. 

I'm giving away a free set of fall-themed concrete poetry templates for this month's Frenzy.

These 8 lined templates complement introductory lessons on concrete poetry. They can be used in the draft or final publication stage of the writing process. Older students can draft their poetry on the template and transfer their work to a separate sheet of paper for a more authentic concrete poem. Younger students can visualize the shape of their concrete poems with the help of these templates, which are also lined to help keep writing neat. Great for displaying student work as well. What a fun activity for fall!

To get started on the Facebook Freebie Frenzy, visit my Aspire to Inspire fan page! Have fun!

Did you download my freebie? What did you think? What would be the ultimate freebie you'd like to see in a Facebook Frenzy? Leave a comment!

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